Learning Academy

Elementary Targeted Services/Learning Academy

Targeted Services/Learning Academy is a program offered at Hayes and Stevenson Elementary that is designed to supplement the traditional school day. The role of Targeted Services is to identify students who may be at risk, either academically or socially and emotionally and to provide specific interventions that will meet the whole learner. The intent of Targeted Services is to also be purposeful, with the ultimate goal being to give students enrolled the assets, strengths, and protective factors they need to be successful in school. Click here to learn more

Students at Hayes or Stevenson can be enrolled in after school Targeted Services if they qualify for an intervention as stated by the Minnesota Department of Education. The program focus is not solely remedial; other qualifications include:

  • social and emotional learning
  • providing differentiated instruction for students 
  • linking the content delivered to in school curriculum 
  • play-based learning 
  • project-based learning

Registration for Learning Academy is closed.
If you have any questions, please contact Karin Beckstrand at: 
karin.beckstrand@fridley.k12.mn.us  |  612-475-1099 (school cell)  |  763-502-5117 (office)


Karin Beckstrand
Youth Enrichment Coordinator